Name: Rocktostock
Event type: Company away day
Size: 80 pax
Budget: £12,000



The aim of this event was to take the entire company out of their everyday working environment to provide them with a day of fun and relaxation. Essentially it was a celebration and recognition for their hard work and commitment throughout the year.


Paccar Scout Camp, Chalfont St Peter


Guests arrived by coach after lunch to an open-air site where once they had pitched their tents, were given a group briefing on the afternoon’s team building activity.

The group was then split into teams before taking part in the activity. This years’ theme was “Wild West”, which included activities such as a bucking bronco, lassoing, duck herding, horse shoe tossing, shoot out, blindfolded tipi building among others. On completion, staff are then treated to an evening consisting of a BBQ and entertainment provided by the company band along with Karaoke.


Avenue Events worked closely with the client on all aspects of the pre-event work which included all supplier management, transport and logistics, entertainment, food and beverage, budget management and bill handling/payments.  

We also managed the event on site, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish. Post-event, Avenue handled any remaining bill payments and reconciled all costs.


A refreshingly bohemian take on the typical summer staff event which allowed the entire company to come together in a unique festival environment. We love to talk about this event…

2013 – Challenge 100

How many of the 100 challenges can your team complete within the time limit? It’s fast, it’s furious and there’s no time for a tea break with Challenge 100. Each team is issued with a pack that is split into three sections, easy, medium and difficult. Within each section there are varying creative tasks, team challenges, conundrums, construction and even digital photography! Teams complete the tasks and earn points as they go. But time is against them and a strategy is required.

2014 – Film an Advert

Given that the company specialises in servicing clients within the technology sector, this particular year’s challenge was to film an advert for either a new piece of technology, or alternatively a new use for an existing device. Using props, costumes and professional actors it is entirely up to teams to work together to produce a great fun, high energy and impressive HD award winner. The content is then professionally edited and played back during a ‘tongue in cheek’ Oscars ceremony.

2015 – Bear Grylls Survival Day

In keeping with the infamous Bear Grylls’ most recent TV sensation, ‘The Island’, the group is split into teams before taking part in a round robin of survival activities, all lasting 35 – 40 minutes each. Teams were challenged with tasks such as shelter building, fire lighting, axe throwing and archery, all of which had to be completed against the clock in competition with the other teams.

2016 – Mardi Gras

In traditional Mardi Gras fashion, the groups task this year was to create floats in preparation for their very own Float Parade in true carnival celebration style. Split into groups and given 2 hours to complete, the floats took many forms, including a Prince theme, “Floaty Mc Float Face” and Boris Johnson Brexit theme among many others.